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Whiskey is a long standing tradition. It is created from a fermented grain mash which is then distilled into alcohol. There are various grains used to make this, including, barley, rye, wheat, and corn. The mixture, for flavor, is then allowed to age in wooden barrels, typically crafted from white oak.

The word whiskey is derived from the Gaelic translation of the Latin word for the “water of life.” Whiskey is heavily regulated around the world. It is classified by its distilling practices, malts, etc. The only time whiskey ages, is while it is in a cask, as it will not age while it is in the bottle, therefore this is a key proponent of the process. American whiskey, for instance, is distilled from an aromatic mash of cereal grain. It is also characterized for its strong taste. American whiskey is commonly distilled in Tennessee by Jack Daniels, Prichard’s, George Dickel, etc. This product has few differentiations from bourbon whiskey.

Whiskey was not always for recreational use. Some historians believe that the Babylonians may have very well practiced distillation practices. Originally it was used for its medicinal properties as an anesthetic and an sterilizing substance. The methods for distilling whiskey came to Ireland and Scotland by monks between 1100 and 1300. Barley beer was made into whiskey. This is because wine was not easy attainable in these areas at that time. This was strictly confined to monasteries and apothecaries until the later part of the fifteenth century.

In the early part of this century would be when the first books on distillation were written on how to create it, and how it served powerful medicinal purposes. The American Revolution, a time of turmoil for the new country, whiskey was traded commonly as currency during the war. Shortly later, in the late eighteenth century, Scotch-Irish immigrants started a rebellion in Pennsylvania due to the federal whiskey tax created by Alexander Hamilton. This would come to be known as the Whiskey Rebellion, and was suppressed by government forces as ordered by President Washington. According to some sources, the IRS was created because of whiskey. In the late nineteenth century, whiskey had become the primary liquor of choice. During prohibition in the United States during the 1920’s and 30’s, all alcohol was strictly prohibited throughout the country. The only exception for this was for doctors who prescribed it through a pharmacy.

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